Tuition & Financial Options

The expense to pursue an accredited online degree from GatesVille University is much less than the cost of letting go your dreams and putting off your career goals. GatesVille University not only offers professional education at a very competitive tuition fee structure but will also provide assistance in scoring a profound scholarship to further ease the attainment of your career goals. Several degree programs are available, we are sure one fits best on your requirements. At GatesVille University, you shall succeed! Last year, we reported a 50% graduation rate for our bachelor's degrees and that rate is going up as more students complete their programs each term. About 88% of our master's students were employed in less than 4 months of graduation. Apply now for a professional degree program from GatesVille University and pace up for a bright future ahead.

What We Offer?

GatesVille is a student-oriented online university, committed to competency based approach for developing future leaders. Our industry responsive curriculum, international faculty members and online learning system ensure students receive the best education in the most efficient way.

Our students learn essential skills and knowledge to achieve academic and career success. We educate and prepare students to stand out and stay competitive amongst others.

We provide different fee payment options to our students for their ease. In this way, they are able to focus on their studies without any financial distress.

GatesVille is committed to assist you in developing a personalized program, which could help you in reaching your education to attain all academic goals.

We have initiated merit-based and non-merit based scholarship programs for students, so that they can easily achieve their career and academic goals.

GatesVille University offers tuition reduction option to its alumni, who have earned any degree previously and are willing to pursue another degree at

If students or alumni refer their friends or family to GatesVille University and they enroll in any of our offered degree program, then a certain percentage of total tuition fee.

If you have completed some of the courses of your program, you can get them exempted by submitting their transcript.

We have been educating working adults and students for more than a decade. In the present market scenario, we know that working adults have a very busy work schedule and it is often difficult for them to find time to attend classes. 1-844-453-6555, facebook Twitter facebook Twitter