Credit Transfer

Studying at GatesVille University is one of the easiest and most successful pathways towards a University Degree. Credit Transfer is the formal recognition that parts of professional qualifications and are equivalent in content and level to parts of some University programs. GatesVille University has many credit transfer agreements with other educational institutes and universities that give graduates credit for successfully completed comparable studies. This can shorten the time it takes you to complete the university program, or it can lighten the load in any year.

To claim credit, you must formally apply to the relevant university in accordance with their processes and may be required to provide evidence of your previous studies, such as a qualification transcript. After proper evaluation of their transcripts, their credit hours are successfully transferred, which means they neither have to apply for those courses nor study them again. This way, students can complete their program in record time and also get a substantial reduction in their tuition fee.

Important Notice: The information included on this website is provided as general information only and will change from time to time. The information does not take into account specific circumstances that may be applicable to a student. You are responsible for undertaking your own enquiries with the relevant university regarding admission requirements and the process for being awarded credit.

Types of Credit Transfers
Credit for Work/Life Experience At GatesVille University, we value your accomplishments your work skills, your life experiences, your volunteer services. We're committed to helping you translate them all into credits toward your degree.
Credit for Previous College Coursework You could earn credit for completed college courses. To begin you need to submit all educational documents and contact details of your previous school's Registrar's Office. For more details talk to an academic advisor.
Credit for Military Training Military personnel may use their military training and experience to earn a GatesVille degree. For military personnel we have introduced special tuition rates, reducing their total program fee by 50%. If you have served in military, you may contact our student consultants at to learn more about submitting military transcripts.
Credit For Certifications and Training

If you have completed a professional certification or training, you may be eligible for credit transfer. At GatesVille University we also awards credits for some corporate training programs and professional certifications. For more details talk to an academic advisor.

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