Admission Requirements

You must complete your Enrollment in order to study at GatesVille University with all required documents and fees Schedule. You also have to complete an informational interview before you start studying at Gatesville University.

All courses are taught in English. English abilities will be determined through the telephonic interview conducted by an academic counselor. You must also complete financial arrangements prior to starting class. For specific course related requirements, view online programs.


Enroll at GatesVille University in four easy steps. Choose a plan that best fits your financial and academic situation and needs. Our representatives are available 24/7 to help you in the enrolment process.


Step 1

Fill out the Application Form
Fill out our Application Form. Visit Home > Contact Us

Step 2

GU Representative Callback
Once you have completed Step 1, our representative from the Admissions Office will get back to you to guide you through the next steps.

Step 3

Choose Tuition Package
Discuss the tuition plan that is most convenient for you with our representative, who will help you choose the right plan that will meet all your needs.

Step 4

Select Program
Go through our offered courses to select the program you'd like to enroll in


Our Admissions Officers are available to answer your questions and offer the individual support you require to make the best decision about continuing your studies at GatesVille University. Our Admissions Officers will also guide you about what you can expect from us and how you can achieve the best results during your time here. Chat Now with our Admission Officers

Frequently Asked Questions



Our focus on providing top quality online education has helped us devise a mission that speaks about our relentless commitment towards imparting education: ″ To carry out our functions in such a way that makes it easier for working professionals and other students to have access to education anywhere, any time and complete their degrees at their own pace, according to their own needs and in their required field.


Is GatesVille University Affordable for me?

We can easily claim that no other online university is as pocket-friendly and student-driven as we are. We have designed our fee structure in a way that anyone from any economic background can easily pursue their education. We also offer a number of student services and benefits like scholarships, credit transfer facility, fee payment options, etc.


What are the University tuition fees?

The sole mission of GatesVille University is to make affordable yet best quality education available to everyone at corner of the globe. GatesVille University has the lowest tuition fees of all top accredited on-line universities. Furthermore GatesVille has various fee payment options, and its own financial aid program to make student finance even easier to take care off.


Credit Transfer How Do I Transfer To GatesVille University?

At GatesVille University only credits from an accredited college will be accepted. Students of GatesVille are provided credit transfer facility for previously studied courses as well as work experience. The facility is aimed at helping students by enabling them to speed up their degree program. Once the University accepts credits are accepted by GatesVille University, the total number of courses that a student has to study decreases, saving both time and tuition fee.

To learn more about our credit transfer policy you can contact our student advisor at 1-844-453-6555.


What is the deadline for applying for GatesVille Scholarship Program?

There is no deadline for application and admission form submission for any academic program at GatesVille.


How soon can I start my University?

As soon as you complete your admission process straight away you can start your program. This will be a fast-paced degree so you can get over with your degree in less than a year. There is no fixed time schedule for them, so enrolled students may take up their program at their own will.


Is there any fixed scheduling for course program?

At GatesVille since you are boss, so the program will move on your terms. GatesVille students may start, pause and complete their education programs as per their convenience.


Can I apply and enroll directly online?

GatesVille University is a fast-paced institute. Hence we only accept on-line enrollment forms

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